Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Techno....My Thoughts

Not a day goes by that I don't use techonology to help me become a more organized person. I'd be lost without my Outlook....literally. I never know where I'm supposed to be, unless I check my calendar. I keep everything -- notes, reminders, letters, etc -- in Outlook. It's my lifesaver because it keep everything in one place....My messy desk is a lot less messy with Outlook.


  1. Thank goodness for Outlook! I love the calendar, and the Notes function--I finally get to get rid of all those little pieces of paper I can never keep track of.

  2. Tracy,
    Have you used ONENOTE yet? That is really neat. You can save your emails and documents to ONENOTE. For example, if you working on a special project and want to keep everything together, the correspondence on the project and projects you can save them to onenote and organize them just like a section from your notebook. Really neat!